How to use our website Easy Pincode/ How can you use our website.

When you visit our homepage you can see a list of all the states like below, Click on any of state and it will open that state districts. On district page you can see the list of district and their total Post Offices. And then if you click on any of the district and then it shows the post office of that district. And then you can click on the any of the post office name and you can see that post office detail.

Lets understand by example, as you are on home page of the and you click on Gujarat and it shows all the district of Gujarat. Now if you click on Rajkot it will show all the post offices of rajkot district, Rajkot Kalavad Road S.O then it will show all the detail of Rajkot Kalavad Road S.O Post Office & Pincode.

How to use search of Easy Pincode Website?

You can enter any pincode and it will show all the postoffice listed under that pincode. You can also try to enter name of post office and it shows relavant data.